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Each ingredients were carefully selected and processed to ensure the quality and nutritions inside. The products were made in small batches and only use natural and selected premium ingredients that are beneficial for our body.

Yes, we are using plant based ingredients.

No, we believe that nature has provide unique taste and look that can’t be replaced .

No, our ingredients are mostly sourced localy and fresh. Thus, we are able to processed in their prime time.

We do not have any organic certifications, as we mostly sourced our ingredients localy from the farmers. The ingredients that are sourced outside are all natural.

You will find #betterfoodbetteryou in most of our social media branding. It is not just a branding or a gimmick that we write. Food is something essential that we all need everyday in our life to survive. We trully believe that if we can mindfully do one or more better things in the processed and ingredients of the food we are taken everyday, we wil have a better health and become a better person everyday.

We want to preserve and keep the natural ingredients without adding any stabilizer or chemical that will harm our body.

Each of the product are packaged carefully in an aluminium pouch, then filled with nitrogen that is natural and will do no harm towards our body. These will prevent the products to be incontact with oxygen which will cause oxidation. Moreover through this process this will keep our product safe to be consume longger. However it is always better to eat and finish them after you open the package. You will find a best before date at the back of each packaging.

You may purchase Casa Grata products from our e-commerce site by clicking on the Shop button.

For business purposes, you may contact us by filling up the form under About Us or Partnership pages.

We accept bank transfer, credit card payment, e-wallets, or QR codes.

We do not accept exchange and returns,

We ensure that products are in good condition and well packed to prevent damage during shipping. Damage during shipment / delivery is outside of our responsibility. We highly advise to take shipping insurance to protect your products.

If there’s any missing items, please contact us within 3 days of receiving the products (via email or hotline). Approval of complaints is at our discretion. If complaints are approved we will ship replacement item within 1 week of approval.